We are pleased to announce that Hull & Associates, Inc. (HULL) has merged talents with Jobes Henderson & Associates, Inc. (JHA) of Newark, Ohio.
Hull provided emergency services in response to a diesel fuel release during drilling operations for the construction of a gas well in southwestern Pennsylvania. We oversaw soil excavation and removal activities, worked closely with the insurance company to define objective screening levels for impacted soil, communicated with relevant agencies, and assisted with lateral and vertical assessment of the extent of the spill.
At Hull, we know that innovation springs from ambition and optimism grounded in technical expertise. That's why we embrace collaborative problem-solving, open communication, and continuous learning. We are excited by what we do, and that excitement allows us to deliver consistently outstanding results for our clients. Hull's atmosphere is energetic and democratic. We engage with the communities in which we work and strive to steward the environment with green business practices. Hull employees also participate in meaningful Health & Wellness and Giving Forward programs, which cultivate leadership, enhance wellbeing, and facilitate positive community involvement.
Hull's core values are extremely important to our company and an integral part of our culture.