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DUBLIN COMMUNITY RECREATION CENTER | Combined Heat and Power Project | Dublin, Ohio
The Dublin Community Recreation Center (DCRC) is now being powered more efficiently thanks to a new combined heat and power (CHP) system co-developed by Hull & Associates, Inc. and IGS Generation. Hull and IGS Generation, a sister company of IGS Energy, recently completed construction of a 248 kW CHP engine at the DCRC located in Dublin, Ohio. Hull led the development process for the project, overseeing the engineering, equipment procurement, and construction. Construction on the project commenced in September 2014 and was completed in March 2015.  
Using waste heat from the engine, the CHP system provides thermal energy for heating the indoor swimming pools and for other hot water needs at the DCRC, as well as producing heat for the facility.  It is nearly twice as efficient as traditional power generation, and will also deliver backup power during outages.
The DCRC CHP engine will average 8,232 operational hours annually, and will produce approximately 2,000,000 kilowatt hours per year, which is 50 percent over the annual electric requirement of the facility. In addition, the system is designed to operate in "island mode" during grid outages. When grid power is interrupted, the CHP system is designed to operate independently and provide backup power to the critical systems in the facility, including the four existing internal HVAC units. This provides the City of Dublin with the option of keeping the recreation center open during power outages, and the ability to use the facility as a community shelter in the event of extended outages.
The CHP system offers substantial economic benefits as well. The system uses clean natural gas as a fuel source, generates 248 kW of electricity, and is also designed to use thermal energy continuously – in fact, the CHP system efficiently provides more than half of the DCRC's electric and thermal energy requirements. As a result, the overall cost of energy at the DCRC will be reduced and it also reduces the capital costs associated with boiler replacements.
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