Hull's standards of excellence are represented in all that we do and all that we provide for our employees.  In addition to offering a challenging yet rewarding work environment, we provide a robust benefits package.  Effective the first day of the month after 30 days of regular, full-time employment, Hull's benefits plan includes:
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance
    Hull offers employees and their families a High Deductible Medical Plan in conjunction with a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (H.S.A). Employees can additionally choose between several vision and dental insurance plans.
  • 401k Retirement Plan
    After one full year of employment, Hull's Safe Harbor employer contribution will equal 4% of an employee's base pay. Hull may choose to make additional discretionary matching contributions for each particular Plan Year.
  • Paid Holidays
    Hull provides eight paid holidays per year, including the day after Thanksgiving and one "floating" holiday to be used however the employee chooses.
  • Paid Time Off
  • 13 days per year during 1st and 2nd year of employment
  • 14 2/3 days beginning year 3
  • 16 1/4 days beginning year 4
  • 18 days beginning year 5
  • 19 days beginning year 6
  • 20 days beginning year 7
  • 21 days beginning year 8
  • 22 days beginning year 9
  • 23 days beginning year 10 and beyond
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Coverage
    Coverage is available to regular, full-time employees at no cost.
  • Life and Accidental Death Insurance
    Coverage is equivalent to 1x base annual earnings to a maximum of $50,000. Employees also have the option to purchase additional life insurance coverage if desired.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
    Hull's benefits include the option of Flexible Spending Accounts for dependent care expenses.
  • Tuition Assistance
    Hull offers eligible employees up to $2500 in tuition assistance per calendar year. This amount is in addition to any courses or education that Hull staff may be required to take.
  • Society Membership Dues Assistance
    Hull will contribute 100% of one or 50% of two memberships per year for membership to professional societies related to the employee's work functions.