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June 27, 2017
A big thank you to everyone from Hull & Associates in making this year's 17th annual golf outing a rousing success!  In addition to the perfect weather and great golf (well maybe!), the combined efforts of everyone involved who contributed time, funds and energy to the event enabled us to raise over $70,000.00 for Recreation Unlimited. 
This is a significant amount of money and everyone should be proud of this accomplishment, these funds will be used at Recreation Unlimited to provide over 20 Winter residential camper sponsorships, phase two of the musical garden, thirteen new benches in five locations, two new canoe racks, a poured in special rubber surface area by the tower and of course the Nationwide Children's Hospital Heart Camp opportunity. 
Our efforts do make a difference and the many young people who attend Recreation Unlimited will benefit from Hull's support for many years. 
The silent auction was a great success and the individual office baskets stole the show.  These brought strong bids and were a great example of the spirit of the company!
More importantly, we hope you had a chance to meet and talk to Gabe and Liz Eberhard and their parents.  These two remarkable young people are a lesson in strength and courage as they both meet the challenges of Arthrogryposis, which is congenital joint contractures in two or more areas of the body.  Gabe, 10 years old and Liz, 14 have both undergone multiple surgical procedures in their short lives and continue to make significant progress as they display tremendous courage and resilience in confronting this disorder. 
Our charitable efforts and the Hull Giving Forward mentality are essential elements of the company philosophy and we are in the initial stages of expanding the interaction and coverage of each office's and everyone's personal charitable activities.  Stay tuned for the Golf Outing Blooper Video and more information as we embark on a new website and other communication platforms!
A BIG thank you to everyone for another successful event!!!!!  
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