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Contact: Mark Schmidt, PG | 440.232.9945 | mschmidt@hullinc.com
Hull has been providing consulting services to the petroleum industry for over 20 years. We investgate, remediate, and exit large portfolios of underground storage tank sites; resolve and remedy contamination issues at refineries, terminals and pipelines; and provide rapid response services for emergency spills. Hull resolves petroleum issues quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. By streamlining investigations, implementing risk-based corrective action, using innovative technologies, and staying current with all applicable regulations, we develop solutions that protect human health and the environment while optimizing site remediation and closure costs. Our extensive experience includes the management of more than 1,000 underground storage tank (UST) projects; rapid response at several large, high-profile pipeline releases; and RCRA Corrective Actions at several large, active refineries.